About U.P&D

We Are

UDP - Urban Planning & Development
Our vision and concept is characterized by a mutual relationship between UP&D and the CLIENT, which is completed through a work and a final product worked with dedication, determination and unmatched reliability only to meet the unique requirement of our customers, providing high quality construction and services of different categories in the field of civil construction. UP&D is created with the idea that quality, design and implementation must exist in a common harmony. "Urban Planning & Development" strives to provide effective and innovative solutions for every customer. The common goal is to create a practice that constantly generates success and commitment. Various team experiences bring a full portfolio of jobs ranging from small projects to bigger developments and more complex scale.

What We Offer

Design and implementation of all categories of civil construction, starting from urban studies and projects of all kinds. Construction of multi-family multi-family objects, individual objects individual or group dwellings in the concept of residence, separate commercial units or grouped into the concept of commercial or business centers, storage space and storage and real estate etc. Our staff is comprised of true professionals who operate in the Albanian market in their field of 15 years.
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